Cyber Hygiene Package


Cybersecurity Solutions


Infinite Cybersecurity reduces your business risk by leveraging on best in class solutions to solve the most complex security challenges faced by your organization.

Unified EndPoint Security

Endpoint is the weakest link in your defence against cyber attacks. Our next-gen endpoint managed security solution helps you prevent, detect and respond to all cyber threats (such as malware and ransomware) that puts your organization’s assets at risk.  
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Communication And Network Security

We help you deploy, manage and maintain your infrastructure security on cloud platform such as AWS or Azure. This will include but not limited to server hardening, patch management, remote access security, email security and network attacks prevention & mitigation.
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Vulnerability assessment & penetration testing

Your application will undergo rigorous red teaming test, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and code review. Our team of security oriented coders will help you remediate vulnerabilities identified.
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MAS Cyber Hygiene Notice Compliance

The Cyber Hygiene notice was released by MAS (Monetary of Singapore) on 6th August 2019. This is a legally binding requirement that financial institutions must comply in order to mitigate cyber threats.
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