Cyber Hygiene Package
DuckDuckGo Isn’t as Private as You Think

Plus: A $150 million Twitter fine, a massive leak from a Chinese prison in Xinjiang, and an ISIS plot to assassinate George W. Bush. Read More

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CISA adds 75 actively exploited bugs to its must-patch list in just a week

Patch these security flaws if the software is still running on your systems, the US cybersecurity authority has warned. Read More

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Microsoft is rolling out these security settings to protect millions of accounts. Here's what's changing

Microsoft's 'security defaults' are getting a much bigger rollout. Read More

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What Do Those Pesky 'Cookie Preferences' Pop-Ups Really Mean?

We asked the engineer who invented cookies what they mean and how to handle them. Read More

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Programming languages: How Google is improving C++ memory safety

Google's Chrome is looking to bring memory safety to Chrome's C++ codebase. Read More

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Singapore touts need for AI transparency in launch of test toolkit

New pilot framework and toolkit will enable businesses to demonstrate their "objective and verifiable" use of artificial intelligence, says the Singapore government, which hopes to drive transparency in AI deployments through technical and process checks. Read More

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Ed tech wrongfully tracked school children during pandemic: Human Rights Watch

A total of 89% of 164 government-endorsed education technologies were found to have endangered the privacy of children. Read More

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Meta updates privacy policy with more detail about what data it collects

The social media giant assured it's not collecting any new data, but just wants to make its privacy policy easier to understand. Read More

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How to encrypt your email and why you should

If you've never added encryption to your email, Jack Wallen explains why you should and demonstrates how it works with the Thunderbird open-source email client. Read More

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