Cyber Hygiene Package
Fortune favours the breached: admits 400 users hit in hack

CEO Kris Marszalek said all impacted users were fully reimbursed on the same day. Read More

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Singapore must clamp down on security inertia before digital banking era can take off

With Singapore's digital bank licensees expected to begin operations this year, a spate of online scams wiping victims of their life savings serves as yet another wakeup call and demonstrates regulations sometimes are the only way to shake organisations out of complacency. Read More

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Biden threatens 'cyber' response after Ukraine says computers wiped during attack

Two Ukrainian agencies said their computers were wiped as part of a larger attack on government systems. Read More

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ProtonMail to block tracking pixels, hide IP addresses

The feature is enabled by default on ProtonMail's web app. Read More

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1Password raises $620 million in latest funding round

The funding round raised the company's valuation to $6.8 billion. Read More

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Google announces Scorecard V4 in partnership with GitHub and OpenSSF

The Scorecards Action is available from GitHub's Marketplace and is free to use. Read More

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Biden signs cybersecurity memorandum for Defense Department, intelligence agencies

The memorandum comes as CISA released multiple warnings about potential intrusions by other governments. Read More

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BugCrowd reports increase in critical vulnerabilities found in 2021

BugCrowd saw a 185% increase in the last 12 months for critical vulnerability submissions with financial services companies. Read More

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A Bug in iOS 15 Is Leaking User Browsing Activity in Real Time

Apple has known about the vulnerability, which also affects iPadOS 15 and Safari 15, since late November. Read More

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