Cyber Hygiene Package
Chinese Hackers Are Hiding in Routers in the US and Japan

Plus: Stolen US State Department emails, $20 million zero-day flaws, and controversy over the EU’s message-scanning law. Read More

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Apple, Microsoft, and Google Just Fixed Multiple Zero-Day Flaws

Plus: Mozilla patches 10 Firefox bugs, Cisco fixes a vulnerability with a rare maximum severity score, and SAP releases updates to stamp out three highly critical flaws. Read More

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Diverse threat intelligence key to cyberdefense against nation-state attacks

Organizations must refine their security strategies if they want to keep bad actors out. Read More

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US Justice Department Urged to Investigate Gunshot Detector Purchases

A civil liberties group has asked the DOJ to investigate deployment of the ShotSpotter gunfire-detection system, which research shows is often installed in predominantly Black neighborhoods. Read More

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Asian banks are a favorite target of cybercooks, and malicious bots their preferred tool

Asia-Pacific is the second-most targeted region for malicious bot requests against financial services, with global hubs Singapore, Australia, and Japan the region's top three most targeted, accounting for the bulk of web application and API attacks. Read More

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IT teams are taking on more responsibilities with hybrid work and cloud adoption

IT and security professionals now are responsible for functions that were not part of their role five years ago, including overseeing security for both hybrid and on-site employees and managing applications in public cloud environments. Read More

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SoundThinking, Maker of ShotSpotter, Is Buying Parts of PredPol Creator Geolitica

SoundThinking is purchasing parts of Geolitica, the company that created PredPol. Experts say the acquisition marks a new era of companies dictating how police operate. Read More

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Your Bard conversations are someone else's Google results

You may want to watch what you discuss with Google Bard or any other AI chatbot. Read More

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Apple rolls out fix for data transfer bug to all compatible iPhones and iPads

Now available for all supported models, iOS/iPadOS 17.0.2 squashes a bug that prevented some devices from transferring data from another phone during setup. Read More

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