Cyber Hygiene Package

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing


Improve Your Organization's Security Posture

Assessment, Testing and Remediation

Vulnerability Assessment

A holistic vulnerability assessment evaluates whether your IT infrastructure and software code are exposed to known vulnerabilities. Severity levels will be assigned to identified vulnerabilities and remediation steps will be recommended.
Find security loopholes in network or software
Highlight the existing flaws in your codes
Non intrusive process
Vulnerability assessment reports the vulnerabilities based on severity

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing involves attempting to exploit identified vulnerabilities that may cause data breaches, disruption of services or loss of data. Penetration testing goal is to check whether vulnerability within your infrastructure and software code that are exploitable.
Exploit the vulnerabilities found in Vulnerability Assessment
Determines how damaging are the flaws
Simulating attacks to test defenses
Comprehensive report for remediation

Remediation & Mitigation

Remediation process fixes any security issues that are deemed as high risk. However, since not every vulnerability can be remediated, our mitigation process focus on reducing the likelihood that a vulnerability can be exploited or reducing the impact of the exploit.
Secure coding
Network Infrastructure security hardening
Managed security service

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Identify and remediate your infrastructure and business application vulnerabilities
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