Founded in July 2017, Infinite Cybersecurity Co. is a cybersecurity business unit of Infinite Value Ventures Pte Ltd (UEN: 201719416K). The core team is made up of Fintech veterans who have managed and implemented cybersecurity measures in Financial Services Industry (FSI).

Together with our partners, we have consistently deliver excellent security outcomes for our clients who are beefing up their cybersecurity while transforming their business digitally.

Our mission is to help companies conduct their business safely in the Internet economy.
Vince Chew - Cybersecurity

Vince Chew

CEO and Chief Security Consultant
Vince is a Fintech veteran and results driven technopreneur with over 2 decades of solid experience in planning, building and running tech enabled businesses.

Ryan Wong

Non Executive Director
Ryan is the CEO & Founder of Evvo Labs. His company has been instrumental in the digital transformation journey of government agencies and SMEs.


Our core team has over 50 years of combined experience in IT operations, software development and project management. All of us are fintech veterans who have seen through cybersecurity measures implemented end to end. Furthermore, we have hands-on experience in managing the entire infrastructure on behalf of our clients.


Our PMP certified manager will ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. We are known to achieve the impossible under tight deadlines.


We have certified ITIL experts to ensure whatever we implement can be delivered as a service in your company.


We have a team of certified security experts including CISSP and Ethical Hackers to ensure your business digital assets are well protected.


We specialize in secure SDLC process that includes penetration testing, code review, and architecture analysis.


What people think of our Chief Security Consultant
... Customer focused, energetic, deadline oriented .... strong experience in areas such as project management and software architecture.


Country Manager, Global Blue
... not only understands business but also possesses very good understanding of technical aspects of work. A very good team player who always shares his knowledge. 


Head of Product - Blockchain, Kyber Net
... very professional person who is diligent and thorough. Able to bridge both IT and business processes and bring new perspectives to situations. Highly recommended and regarded.


Snr Director, Shiji Payment Solutions at Shiji Group
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