Cyber Hygiene Package

MAS Cyber Hygiene Notice
Compliance Pack

We manage your daily cyber security issues from risk management to security controls implementation

What's In the Pack

The Compliance Pack consists of the following services that address the MAS Cyber Hygiene Requirements
Cyber Hygiene Notices: MAS 1118, MAS 1119, MAS 655, MAS 655A, MAS 834, FA-N21, MAS 132, MAS 507, PS-N06, CMG-N03, TCA-N06
It is mandatory for relevant entities to implement a set of cybersecurity measures that will secure their systems from cyber-threats. 

Active Risk Posture Assessment

Continuously monitor cybersecurity posture and identify actions to reduce risk.

Endpoint Malware Protection

Managed endpoint malware detection and response.

Security Standards and Controls

Customized security standards and controls for the organization.

Security Patch Management

Manage timely deployment of OS, and application patches.

Network Perimeter Defense

Design defense in depth to protect sensitive data from cyber threats.

Identity and Access Management

Establish IAM framework to control user access to sensitive information.
Security-Related Solutions Grant
80% co-funding of qualifying expenses, capped at $100,000 per participating entity, per project.

Qualifying expenses may include hardware and software, professional services, and manpower costs.
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Apply for MAS Financial Sector Technology and Innovation (FSTI) Digital Acceleration Grant (DAG)

Free Cyber Hygiene Consultation

Cyber Hygiene reflects your company's commitment to stakeholders (employees, shareholders and clients). Even if you are not a regulated entity, having the right level of Cyber Hygiene will help your business grow safely and quickly in this digital economy.

 Free cyber hygiene consultation is conducted via Google Meet.
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