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Is Bitdefender Endpoint Security Easy To Manage and Has Great Performance?

In the previous article, we discuss why Bitdefender is the best endpoint security solution for your organization. With the best in class Bitdefender endpoint security implemented, the next thing on your mind will be on manageability and performance.

Bitdefender Endpoint Security Manageability

Let's discuss first on how Bitdefender can help you to manage your cybersecurity controls easier.

Bitdefender architecture is like a single pane of glass. Within a single console, you can manage different types of endpoints such as physical, virtual workstations or servers, mobile phones.

While competing endpoint security solutions have different agent for services and add-ons which require space for the agent itself and some additional space for the services added, Bitdefender requires only 1 agent. Normally the more security layers you install, the more space that requires.

With Bitdefender, you won't need additional space for services and add-ons, as all of them are a single agent. This means there is no additional space requirement and there will be no performance penalty on the machine it is running on.

Bitdefender has a robust built-in management capability which focuses on integration and remediation. Bitdefender is seamlessly integrated with the likes of VMware, Citrix, Nutanix, Amazon and AWS. This is great because now you do not have to deal with 2 separate consoles or applications to manage your infrastructure.

Bitdefender Endpoint Security Performance

The first thing you may noticed is that Bitdefender only requires 1 agent.

As discussed in earlier section, having only 1 agent for add-ons (such as patch management and full disk encryption) means that you do not require additional disk space which results in performance improvement of your machine.

What about security layers efficiency? Bidefender is one of the fastest product out there when it comes to scanning. Not only that, with its process inspector monitoring that provides real time security, you don't have to wait for an application to open or take any actions in order to have it monitoring for threat.

Finally, Bitdefender has a feature called centralized scanning. It is basically offloading the scanning process to a virtual security server. The virtual server will queue the endpoints to be scanned thus not affecting the performance of the host. Another benefit of centralized scanning is that if the server found a similar file in a different machines, it will not scan it. This helps to reduce the scanning time and resources consumed.

When we talk about performance, we should also probe into the uptime of the solution. Bitdefender aims to ensure maximum availability for its GravityZone cloud so that you can be able to fully utilize its resources at their entire capacity, without any unplanned interruptions.

Bitdefender uses cloud servers hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure located worldwide. Their Service Level Agreement (SLA) is 99.9%. The SLA covers the uptime of the gravity zone, cloud console but excludes downtime triggered by any planned updates and maintenance operations, which are announced by email or through console notifications.

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